Monday, August 6, 2012

Quirky Bird Goes to the Fair

One day last week, Quirky Bird decided that it would be great fun to visit the Ohio State Fair.

They happily ate their fried corn fritters and cheese on a stick and drank their lemon shake ups. They toured a Civil War encampment.

They saw some crazy cakes. One cake was a sink filled with dirty dishes and another a dirty litter box.

They toured another area and saw some Brillo Pad art.

They even saw the butter cow! There was also a butter cake to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Columbus.

But what Quirky Bird was most excited about was seeing all the sheep and wool at the State Fair. Quirky Bird has a great weakness for sheep and wool.

They saw many, many sheep.

There were sheep with horns.

There were sheep with colorings that Quirky Bird had never seen before.

There were sheep with their jackets on.

There were sheep that tried to stick their tongue out at Quirky Bird.

There were lots freshly shorn sheep.

On their way through the sheep barn, they walked through an area that contained many beautiful fleeces.

There were even prize winning fleeces!

 Quirky Bird saw a lady spinning wool too. They sure liked her Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel!

Quirky Bird had a great time at the fair. See you next year Ohio State Fair!