Friday, October 10, 2014

Gloria Seaming Tutorial

In the Gloria Headband, Cloche, and Handwarmers we seamed the band together in a particular way. This particular way gives Gloria its distinctive shape.

 Did you read the seaming instructions but would also like to see some pictures to make it more clear? Never fear! We've got pictures for you.

I'll leave you to read the exact seaming instructions on the patterns. But I'll give you some pictures and a quick walkthough which should simplify the process.

FYI - Both the handwarmers and the headband are constructed in the same way. The band is worked first then (if you're working the cloche or the handwarmers) stitches are picked up on one side. Obviously the lengths (and therefore the number of rows) of the bands from the handwarmers and headband/cloche are different but the seaming instructions are the same for both.

Tutorial time!

Once you have finished the band, pin it together with your removable stitch markers.

Start seaming. Start where the top of the band is overlapped. Insert your tapestry needle underneath the edges stitches.

Work your way from the area where the edges of the band first meet down to the corner of the edge that is on top.

Seam to the opening between the two bottom corners.

Once you've seamed the outside, now turn the band inside out and seam the inside.You will seam the inside of the areas just seamed on the outside. Continue with the yarn you used to seam the outside. Insert your needle underneath a stitch from one side of the band and a stitch from the other side of the band.

Continue seaming until you have reached the corner where you originally started on the outside.

Work one bottom corner at a time, use the tail and tack only the top corner of the edge to the center of the band.

To pick up stitches, start at the corner where you started seaming and insert your needle underneath both legs of the slipped stitch on the edge. Here is a good video on picking up and knitting.

Ta dah! You're done!

We would love to see your finished Glorias. Please send us a pic at or, if you don't mind, post them on Ravelry.

See you soon!

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