Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Goodbye! And thank you!

Hey everyone!!
I just want to let everyone know that Andrea and I (Kathryn) have decided to bring our Quirky Bird journey to an end. We started this little venture several years ago while we both worked at Knitters Mercantile. We’ve had so much fun over the years collaborating to design and write patterns. And we have learned a TON about the pattern writing process and how to bring an idea from the ether into reality.
However we both have new adventures in our lives and we are not able to give Quirky Bird our attention in a way we think it deserves. You have probably noticed that we have been quiet for awhile now.
Andrea is co owner of the fantastic 614 Knit Studio! The studio teaches knit, crochet, spinning, and weaving classes of all skill levels! Andrea carries absolutely gorgeous boutique yarns and is a wonderful place for all fibery type peoples to hang out. If you haven’t yet, please check her out!
I am keeping busy chasing my two little girls! They are hilarious, sassy, goofy little humans that bring a smile to my face in unexpected ways everyday. (It’s possible there’s a few sighs of exasperation in there too. But it’s tons of smiles and laughs too.) I’ve also gone back to full time work at a 9-5 too so life is great but hectic.
So, where does that leave us? All of our patterns are now free to download here on Rav. We are planning to leave them up and free. (It’s possible we may publish a new free pattern here from time to time. It’s helpful to us to have a place to put up patterns for teaching.) I will be shutting down the Quirky Bird website, social media, email. You can message us here but it will not be checked very often. If you need to contact us you can get in touch with Andrea at the studio - 614knitstudio@gmail.com
We have LOVED working with all of you and we are so grateful for all the support that you have shown us. It is incredible to see the finished projects you have made with our designs. Thank you thank you!!
 - Kathryn

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